Changing the master manager code on a Pyronix Burglar Alarm.

Changing the master manager code on a Pyronix Burglar Alarm.

Pyronix Burglar Alarm Panel

To change the Master manager code go to the main alarm panel with the LCD screen (like the above image):
Press D followed by your user code.
Keep pressing “No” until you see “Edit Users” and then Press “Yes”
Keep Pressing “No” until you see “Change Master Manager Code” then press “Yes”
Now Press “C” to clear the code and enter your new code followed by “Yes” twice
Now keep pressing “No” until you see “Exit Manager Menu” then press “Yes”

Your Burglar Alarm code has now been changed.

How to safely shutdown Hikvision cctv dvr recorder.

If you need to turn the electric off for your house or business you need to make sure you firstly soft shutdown the cctv recorder, not doing this may damage/corrupt the hard drive inside the cctv recorder and may void your warranty.

If the CCTV recorder has been inactive it may ask you to draw a unlock pattern on the 9 circles or it may ask you to enter a password. This would have been set by the cctv instlaller and would have been given to you.

On the old Hikvision CCTV recorder right click with the mouse, click menu, then click shutdown at the bottom right, and then click shutdown again. You’ll see a message “system is shutting down please wait” after few seconds it will then show “Please power off”. Once you see this message pull out the cctv power plug from the wall or extension cable.

On the new Hikvision CCTV recorders where you can see all the icons at the along the top. Click the shutdown icon at the top right hand side, click shutdown again. It will state “system is shutting down please wait” wait a few seconds “please power off” when you see the last message take the cctv power plug out of the wall or extension cable.

How to playback on Hikvision dvr new interface 4.0

Step 1:

If you need to playback some footage from the cctv recorder you need to get the mouse which is attached to your recorder, if you then right click on the mouse it will prompt you with the following unlock pattern screen: (if it doesn’t prompt this then go to step 2)






You need to left click on the mouse and draw the unlock pattern which was provided by the installer.

(if you see another screen which asks for username and password keep right clicking until you see the above screen)

Step 2:

Left click the second icon from the left at the top of the screen.

Then choose which camera you would like to playback from on the left.

You know need to double click on the day which you would like, anything with the blue underline is the days which has recording on it.

Now click anywhere on the blue line at the bottom this represents the time line, you can use the fast forward icons >> at the bottom to speed the playback up.

If you find when you drag on the blue line it drags a bit too much then you can adjust it on the bottom right hand side where it shows “1 day. . . . . . . .o. . . . . . .”

Step 3:

Once you have finished playback click on the camera icon on the top left this will take you back to the live view.


How To Port Forward a Sky Router

When trying to view your cameras on your mobile there are two ways of doing this:

The first: QR Code/Serial Number
Majority of the new dvrs have now made it so easy all you have to do is scan a QR Code or enter a unique serial number which is allocated to your dvr and you’ll be on your way.Mobile Viewing QR SCAN

The Second: Port Forward/Ip Address

This is the harder option, where you manually configuring your router and then manually entering the settings on your mobile to view the cameras.

There are two parts to manually configuring the router:
The Port Forwarding part and the Static/dynamic IP address part.

I’ll run through both parts BRIEFLY.

How to port forward a sky router: SKY Logo

In your browser type in the address bar

This will bring you to the sky hub summary page click “Advance” at the top and this will ask for username and password, type “admin” as username and “sky” as password.

Once you enter the details it will bring you to the “WAN Setup”

In the “Default DMZ server” type in 192.168.0.xx This is the IP address of your DVR, this can be found in the network settings of the DVR. Then Press Apply.


The DMZ opens all the ports for that IP address.
Now that the port forwarding is sorted you need a IP address, you can get a static IP address from SKY for £5 extra a month or the other option is to get a dynamic IP address from third parties online, which vary from free to £25 a year. Most popular is and No-IP. If you have a static IP then you don’t need to go any further, everything is sorted, if you choose the dynamic IP, then you need to register with one and then enter those settings in the “dynamic DNS” in WAN Setup. Each time sky changes the IP address, your router will update the new IP address against the IP address you just registered with the dynamic IP provider.

Your DVR network settings should be something like the following:
Ip Address:
Subnet mask
Default gateway:
Preffered DNS:
Alternate DNS (if Applicable)
Leave port as it is.