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Wire free CCTV?

Are you after cctv but dont want wires around the house??

So you’ve probably bought a new build house or just finished decorating the old house and now the thought of cctv has just hit you…..what about cables??? You’re instantly drawn to the words “Wireless CCTV” well think again. Most wireless cctv systems still require power and are only wireless in transmitting the video signal. Even the likes of Arlo and google nest still require constant power. These Same brands do not do complete wireless cameras, you have to regularly charge them maybe every 1 to 2 weeks which can be a pain. The second issue is, these are usually subscription based recording meaning you have to pay monthly to have video recorded.

Soooo the solution?

Well Simple…get the professionals in….. why not have the reliability of wired system but aesthetics of a wireless system…. how you ask?? A complete wired system but cables are all fished up the cavity walls of your house so you have no cables on the outside and no cables on the inside. We aim to show no cable what so ever around the house but still giving you wired reliability. Have a look here, as you can see almost every new build house show no cables and the system is tucked away nicely either in the loft or in one of the bedrooms.

So before you go wireless, call us around and we’ll tell you exactly how and where the cables will be run.

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