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Should my cctv cameras be visible or hidden?

The simple answer to the question is yes they should be visible as you want to deter someone before they attempt to break in, damage or steal something, however other factors should be considered before choosing. Below we discuss pro’s and cons of both:


The main benefit of installing a obvious looking cctv camera is people are aware of it and it will deter people from doing something, this can be something like installing a white camera on a dark facia/soffit or wall or vice versa installing a Black camera on white facia/soffit or wall. You’d rather the person see the camera and move on and go somewhere else rather than your property being vandalised and then they realise you had cameras.

The cons of installing a obvious camera is sometimes it can look ugly, for example if you’ve just had your house all painted in a light colour then sticking a black or grey camera can look odd, a lot of people will want to match the colour of the camera to the exterior of the house for example if you’ve just had all grey windows and doors put in you may want grey cameras so it looks all matched.

The other problem with a obvious camera is, someone may go to the lengths of wanting to damage the camera before they commit the crime because its so obvious and visible to them.

Hidden/Not so Obvious

The benefits of installing Hidden camera or shall we say not so obvious looking cameras is that sometimes you want to catch someone out because they’re not admitting to the offence, for example if you have a nuisance neighbour who keeps throwing rubbish over, you may want to catch him out without him realising you’ve had cameras installed, sometimes you may want to prove something rather than prevent something.

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