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How to change/update wifi on pyronix Burglar Alarm

Note: The alarm will only work with a 2.4GHz WiFi connection. 5GHz will not work.

Pyronix Wifi

Press D on the main panel followed by your alarm code.

Now keep pressing No until you see “Wifi Setup” and then press Yes

You should now see “Setup with Wi-Fi Device” press No

It should now display “SSID?” Press Yes

You will either see a blank screen or your old wifi name, use the left and right arrows to move the cursor and use C to clear the characters.

Now Enter your wifi name remember this is case sensitive and you can use the A button to make the character uppercase. Keep pressing 1 for different symbols.

Once you’ve entered the wifi name press Yes and you’ll see “SSID?” again, press No

You’ll now see “Password” Press Yes

Now do the same as above and enter your wifi password, remember the password is case sensitive to. Once you’ve entered the password press “Yes” and you’ll see “Password?” again. Press No

You’ll now see the signal strength, ideally this needs to be 11 or more, if its not try moving your router around and see if that increases. If it says No Signal it may be you’ve entered the wifi name or password wrong.

Now keep pressing No until you see “Exit Manager Mode” and press Yes.

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