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How to use Pyronix Burglar Alarm

There are 2 settings to the Alarm, A and B.

A is for when everyone in the house is leaving and the whole house is being armed. B is for when you’re setting it to go to bed.

Pyronix Alarm Panel
Pyronix Wireless Keypad

Setting the Burglar Alarm when you leave the house:

When leaving the house, enter your code, A will be lit up, press “Yes” or the ✔depending on which keypad you have. You will have 30 seconds to leave the house and close the door.

Disarming the Burglar Alarm when entering the house:

As you enter the house you will hear the alarm beeping, you have 30 seconds to enter your code..Simply enter your code and the alarm will be disarmed.

Setting the Burglar Alarm when going to bed:

When going to bed simply enter your code, press B and press “Yes” or the ✔. You’ll have a short silent count down and the alarm will beep once to confirm the alarm has been set.

Disarming the Burglar alarm when waking up:

Simply enter your code and the alarm will be disarmed.

How to Set Panic alarm off:

Keep Hold of the buttons 7 and 1 to set the panic alarm off- This will siren outside and inside. Enter your code to turn the alarm off.


When the alarm is set on B you can walk around upstairs without setting the alarm off, as the landing sensor is disarmed.

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