How to safely shutdown Hikvision cctv dvr recorder.

If you need to turn the electric off for your house or business you need to make sure you firstly soft shutdown the cctv recorder, not doing this may damage/corrupt the hard drive inside the cctv recorder and may void your warranty.

If the CCTV recorder has been inactive it may ask you to draw a unlock pattern on the 9 circles or it may ask you to enter a password. This would have been set by the cctv instlaller and would have been given to you.

On the old Hikvision CCTV recorder right click with the mouse, click menu, then click shutdown at the bottom right, and then click shutdown again. You’ll see a message “system is shutting down please wait” after few seconds it will then show “Please power off”. Once you see this message pull out the cctv power plug from the wall or extension cable.

On the new Hikvision CCTV recorders where you can see all the icons at the along the top. Click the shutdown icon at the top right hand side, click shutdown again. It will state “system is shutting down please wait” wait a few seconds “please power off” when you see the last message take the cctv power plug out of the wall or extension cable.