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How to reset TP-Link Wifi Extender

If you have a wifi extender and you’ve changed your wifi password or wifi provider your cctv may stop working on your mobile because the extender is no longer connected.

This guide shows you how to reset and reconnect the wifi extender to your new router.

You firstly need to reset the extender this can be done by using a pin or tooth pick and pressing and holding the reset button for 8 seconds, this has to be done whilst the extender is powered on. You’ll see all the lights turn off and come back on again with only 2 or 3 lights on.

Tp Link Wifi Extender reset

Now to connect the extender to the new router there are two options. Option 1 is the quickest way but if this does not work reset the extender again and go to option 2.

Option 1:

Simply keep hold of the button on the wifi extender inside the blue circle lights for 5 seconds and you should see the RE light flash now quickly go press the “WPS” button on your router for 5-10 seconds and the wifi extender should automatically connect to your router.
The WPS button is either located on the side or on the front of your router.

Once you have done this wait two minutes and the wifi extender should connect to the router, if it does you should see more blue lights appear, the more blue lights the better the signal.
Once this has been done, wait a further 10-15 minutes and the cctv should appear online. You may need to close the cctv app and open again.

Option 2:

Please refer to the TP-Link website:

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