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How to playback cctv footage from the Hikvision app.

This guide is for playing back cctv footage from your mobile app, this works for both Hik-Connect and also Pro Control +

When you open the app on the top left corner you will see a playback icon like the one below:

Hik Connect App

Now choose the date and time you require followed by the camera you need, maximum 4 cameras can be selected at one time.

Now press start playback at the bottom of the screen and should see the camera playing back with a blue time line bar at the bottom of the screen:

Drag this bar left or right to move to a specific time.

Use the following icons at the bottom of the screen to do:

This is the quality of the playback, “Basic” quality is less quality but smoother footage (use when bad mobile signal). “HD” Quality is better quality but may run slower as its a lot higher quality picture. (Use when good signal or on the wifi)
Start/Pause the clip
Tap on this icon to zoom in on the footage, alternatively pinch in and out with two fingers on the screen to zoom in and out.
Use this icon to take screenshot/still image of the footage. The screenshots are saved in “More” and “Picture/Video”
This icon allows you to record the playback or take make a snipit for you to send. The video are saved in “More” and “Picture/Video”
Use this Icon to set the playback speed. You can increase or decrease the speed of playback. (This may or may not show on your app)

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