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Installing the Hik-Connect App.

Install the Hik-Connect on the all the devices you want to see the cctv on. Multiple users can see the cctv at once.

If you have a android phone go to google Play store and search for Hik-Connect – for End User.
If you have a iPhone go to App store and search for Hik-Connect – for End User.


Install this software by clicking “Install” or “Get” depending if its android or iPhone.
Once installed open the app and swipe left and Click “Start Now”

Click “Agree” on the next page and choose region which is default to United Kingdom then Click “Ok” Followed by “Login/register”

Only one user in the family needs to perform the rest of the Hik-Connect instructions everyone else can stop at this stage.

Now Click the “Register” on the left in the blue writing and Click Agree it’ll now ask you to choose region which is default to united kingdom, Click the tick at the top right hand corner.

Hik-Connect Register

It’ll now ask you to enter your email address followed by a password, the password needs to contain numbers, letters and symbols and needs to be 8 characters. Once done click “Get Security Code” (Keep a note of the password)

On the Next screen it’ll ask you to enter security code which is displayed on the right hand side. Once done press “ok” top right corner.
It’ll now ask you to enter a 4 digit number which has been emailed to you to confirm the email belongs to you, please check your email and enter the 4 digits followed by clicking “finish”

Now leave it at this stage and the installer will add the device when the cctv is installed.

All other users in the family simply login in using your email and password you have just created.

If you struggle to install this feel free to contact us.

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